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Hay Springs School-Community Foundation
P.O. Box 81
Hay Springs, NE  69347

Ph. 308.638.7127
Fax 308.638.7201

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Contributors to the Lister-Sage Community Center

These are the people and the businesses that make it all possible. When you make your donation or pledge, we will list you in the appropriate category. (You may, of course, remain anonymous if you so choose.)

--As of MarchFeb 23,2008--


Margaret Truwe

Benefactors of HSSC Foundation
Ed and Marian Hollstein- School Bus

$10,000 and above
Buettner Construction
Dorothy Anderson Memorial Fund
Marilyn Larson Miller & Steve Larson
Ran and Ann Pape
Elvin Terrell
Security First Bank
Ron and Judy Hiles

$2,000 - $9,999

Gordon Bernhardt
Richard and Patsy Bridge
Larry and Deb Carlson
In Memory of Elmer "Bud" Cilek (by Hermie Cilek)
Terry Fetter
Fuller Construction
LaVern and Barb Hankins
Hay Springs Alumni Group
Ron, Sharon and Craig Housh
Lloyd and MaryAnn Hunzeker
Mike and Teri Hunzeker
Westco/Land O' Lakes Foundation
Lee Farming
William and Georgia Lnenicka
Mildred Lundy
Rhonda Mayes
Meyring Cattle Company
Cory Mracek Memorial
Ron and Shelly Olson
Ronald F. & Connie Peters
Pine Creek Farms
Pioneer Manor
Ron & Marilyn Reed
Eleanor Marcy Rhoades
Steve and Marci Sandberg
Security First Insurance
Security First Bank Side Basket Fund Drive
Harmon and Eileen Smith
Terrell Farms
Jerry Turman

$500 - $1999

Edwin Alcorn
American Legion Post #239
American Legion Post #239 Auxiliary
Nellie Ashmore
Fred and Diane Bartling
Bruce and Betty Binger
Louis and Glenda Carlson
CA Story Foundation
Chadron Medical Clinic
District 30 Boosters
Virgil and Audrey Drabbels
Donald P. Dreyer
Beverly Evans
Farm Bureau
Jesse Lee Goodin
Hay Springs Classes 51,52,53
Hay Springs Elementary 2003-2004 Funtastics
Hay Springs Junior Wrestlers
Hay Springs Lumber
Hay Springs Pharmacy
Don and Shirley Heiting
Jean and Vera Hoefer
Don Huckfeldt
Burrell and Lisa Hughes
Pete and Sharon Jancik
Dennis & Kathie King
Virginia King
Kurt and Phyllis Klein
Frannces Kleve
Jim Kozal
Bruce Larson
Letcher Farms
Gwen Lickteig
R.J. and Charlene Luneburg
Leland and Carol McAllister
Bob McCarter
Mary Metcalf
William and Eleanor Myers
Northwest Rural Public Power District
Frances and Alberta Olson
Paul and Margaret Osborn
Panhandle Drilling
Sandra Perkins
Don and Donna Peters
Pioneer Manor
Pioneer Seed
Eleanor Marcy Rhoades
Duane and Verla Sandberg
Senior Citizen Center
Donna Sipp
Gary and Jane Stiehl
Thrivent Lutheran
Marvin VanHouten
Jim and Elvera Varvel
Eric Warfield
Orval and Mary Weyers

$100 - $499
Sharon Agler
Tom and Lou Alcorn
Matt and Jesse Anderson
Evelyn Armstrong
John and Joyce Barlean
John and Verla Bayard
Dee & Lambert Belina
Tim and Barb Bernard
Joe and Carole Bell
Marvin Blundell
Bruce Hill Furniture
Leola Butzine
Gerald Carlson
Merle Carlson
Sandra Chamberlain
Commmunity Garage Sale
Vetta Dahman
Dinner Campaign
Gary Dorshorst
Gary and Raylene Drabbels
Elder's Wisdom Program Committee
Farmers Coop
Tim and Syd Fortune
Jack Fuhr
Don and Margaret Garrett
Jodie Garrett
Brad Gering
Chuck Gering
Marc Gering
Mike Gering
Pat Gering
Troy Gering
Doris Ginn
Cretia Hadley
Karen Hallock
Harriet Hallsted
Hay Springs Class 56,57,58,59
Hay Springs Dist #3 Kindergarten--Class of 2016
Hay Springs Dist #3 Kindergarten Class 2004-2005
Hay Springs Dist #3 Kindergarten Class os 2005-2006
Hay Springs Class of 1962
Hay Springs Class of 1972
Hay Springs Class of 2007
Hay Springs Lions Club
Lloyd and Lois Hermansen
Hills Material Company
Peggy Holmes
Lyle and Yukiko Horn
Gary and Bonnie Housh
Richard and Janet Jaggers
Mike Jancik
Grace Johnson
James A Johnson
Ray Kelsey
Rick Kettelman
Helen Killham
Cinda Koinzan
Jim and Karen Krotz
John and Martha Krotz
Charles and Deborah Kuskie
William and Carol Marcy LaBell
Robert and Myrna Lee
Janice Lenhard
Verne Lewellen
William and Jane Lukens
Russ McMenamin
Alvina E. Martin
Jessie Anna Messman
Bill Mueksch
Jean Murray
Edwin and Avis Nelson
Pat and Laurie Ningen
David and Jo Anne Parkes
Delores and Bob Partridge
Harley Perkins
Harlan and Amy Petersen
Bob & Janet Powles
Jane Prokop
Maria Prokop
Roger and Nancy Rasmussen
Doris Rawalt
Russ and Elke Reichenberg
Willaim Rezek
Robert and Erneta Roark
Mike and Debbie Rooney
Rolland & Pat Skinner
Ruth Spillman
St. Columbkilles Alta Soceity
St Peters Luther League
Glen and Tracy Scherz
Roxanne Sones
Dan Speirs
Diana Steube
Ellen Strasburger
Bryan Terrell
Eldon and Lynn Terrell
Vern and Marjean Terrell
Gleeh Toof
Rex and Edna Tulloss
Mick and Cindy Turco
Randy and Betty Turman
Tom and Sue Unverzagt
Don and Mary Vannatta
Kim Walgren
Melvin M. and Patricia Weldner
West Second Appliance
Rick and Wendy Westlake
Ed and Dorothy Wittig
Young Riders 4-H Club

Up to $99
A&B Tax Accounting
Sharon Agler
Wayne Aislie
Vikki Fortune Anderson
Evelyn Armstrong
Tom and Barb Bernard
Rhoda Beutler
Blonde Bombers
Cindy Bradley
Dale H Brickner
Ila B. Brotherson
Irene Brown
Rose Burrows
Sandra K. Chamberlain
Ellis & Lillie Charles
Carolyn Cilek
Don Davis
Donald L. Davis
Ron Dexter
Tom Dorshorst
Dave Dreikosen
Gayla Fredrickson
Sam Gaily
Don and Margaret Garrett
Doyle Gaswick
Susan Gramberg
Emily Griffing
Hay Springs Kindergarten--Class of 2015
Celia Hagerman
Kim Hankins
Nancy & Greg Hill
Terry Hinkley
Doug and Peggy Hinman
Barbara Hinton
*Wm. Hollstein Memorial
Kathy Hoppes
George Horn
Aria Hughes (by Burrell and Lisa Hughes)
Ashton Hughes (by Burrell and Lisa Hughes)
Isaac Hughes (by Burrell and Lisa Hughes)
Dean and Deann Jensen
Julia H. Johnson
*Rodney and Donna Johnson
*Josephine Johnson Memorial
Jerry and Dawn Krotz
*Linda and Kevin Kudrna
Bridget Laue
Alvern and Corrine Letcher
Drew Letcher
*Karla Letcher
Tanner Letcher
Robert Lightfoot
Judy Limon
Carol Matthews
Richard McKay Pheasant Run
Mirage Flats School District #30
Alice Myhre
Kay Myrick
Jeanette O'Blenness
Alexis Olson (by Francis and Alberta Olson)
Blake Olson (by Francis and Alberta Olson)
Colton Olson (by Francis and Alberta Olson)
Nita Lee Bond Olson (by Francis and Abberta Olson)
Jasmyne Olson (by Francis and Alberta Olson)
Chase Olson (by Francis and Alberta Olson)
LaDonna Olson
Rhonda Page
David Parkes
*Cindy Peters
Jerry and Marty Jo Peters
*Ron and Connie Peters
Patsy Porter
Quilt Raffle
Erika Rasmussen
Toby Rasmussen
Tabitha Rasmussen
Eula Redfern
Geraldine Renchen
Cyndi Richardson
Jerre Richardson Memorial
Shannon Roost
Rushville Veterinary Clinic
Janet Russell
Dick Semroska
*Harmon Smith
Stockmens National Bank
Tee Jay's Camera
Seth and Courtney Terrell
Wendy Tridle
Cynthia Tusler and David George
Dorothy Unverzagt
*Marc and Judy Vahrenkamp
Viki (Jensen) Volberding
Ray Walgren
Stuart Walgren
Nancy and Jess Walker
John and Sanda Weitzel
Eric Wicherski
George Willis
*Dorothy and Ed Wittig
* Donation given to original Hay Springs Foundation

Memorial Contributions
Art Ainslie
Clara Carlson
Elmer "Bud" Cilek
Bud and Alvera Dahlgren
Deceased members 56,57,58,59
Kenneth Fear
Dennis Hankins
Tim Heiting
Mary Alice Murray Hollstein Class of 1937
William Hollstein
Carl and Minnie Horn
Grace Johnson
Jim and Hazel Johnson
Josephine Johnson
Kenneth King
Beverly Jean Lundy
Lester Lundy
Orrin Jay Marcy Class of 1933
Cory Mracek Memorial
Rose Marcy Newton 1895
Judy Gibbons Patrick Class of 62
Rita Peters 1962
Dwight and Inez Phillips
Elmer and Alberta Prokop
James Prokop Jr
Ronnie Ray Class of 62
Tom Reeves
Jerre Richardson
Esther Schramm
Jerry Summerville
Don Svoboda
Elvin Terrell
Ruth Whitney

Honor Alumni
Caroline Bell 1932
Joe Bell 1931
Marian Mendenhall Beutler
Ruth Ann Beutler
James Lewis Beutler
Rhoda Lea Beutler
Nathan O Beutler
Carolyn Cilek (by Hermie Cilek)
Clark Cilek (by Hermie Cilek)
Carl S. and Minnie Horn
Jon M Hiles (by Ron and Judy Hiles)
Kristi Hiles-Smith (by Ron and Judy Hiles)
Nancy Hiles-Sutcliffe (by Ron and Judy Hiles)
John Reed 58
Brenda Terrell Brown (by Elvin Terrell)
Joan Terrell Fenster (by Elvin Terrell)
Eldon J. Terrell (by Elvin Terrell)
Terrance L. Terrell (by Elvin Terrell)
Vern A. Terrell (by Elvin Terrell)