Mailing Address: PO Box 81     Lister-Sage Community Center Physical Address: 311 North Baker Street     Hay Springs, Nebraska 69347

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Lister-Sage Community Center

Built in 2004 through a generous gift by

Hay Springs High School graduate

Margaret (Lister) Truwe, Lister-Sage

Community Center (LSCC) is operated

under direction of the Hay Springs

School-Community Foundation (HSSCF). 

The facility supports the HSSCF mission

to provide service and support to Hay

Springs residents in five focus areas based on community need:

1. Community development: LSCC enriches the lives of Hay Springs residents and brings revenue to the community from outside sources.
2. Educational opportunities: LSCC provides space needed for Physical Education.
3. Health & wellness: LSCC improves health & wellness in the community.
4. Recognition: LSCC provides a venue for school, public and private recognition ceremonies.
5. Social opportunities: LSCC hosts a variety of events creating social opportunities.

Events & Opportunities

LSCC serves as the primary location for Hay Springs Public Schools athletics including training, district sports events and tournaments. Each May, the gymnasium is host to Hay Springs High School’s graduation ceremonies, and a variety of public and private events take place throughout the year. 

LSCC space may be rented for public or private events:

     • Meetings & seminars

     • Athletic activities

     • Celebrations & funerals

     • Reunions & large gatherings

     • Non-profit organization use (fees may be reduced or waived)

     • Trade shows

The Fitness Center, which houses cardio machines and exercise equipment, is available to membership holders 24 hours a day.

Facility Spaces

LSCC accomodates up to 600 people:

     • Meeting room (12)

     • Lobby (25)

     • Multi-purpose area

     • Regulation gymnasium (600)

The facility also includes a concession area, fitness center and restrooms.